Igo Map Tomtomqoj2oMap of TomTom 2020.06 (Q2).

TomTom map update for iGO Navigation software.

.building (3dl attractions)
.fbl (maps)
.fpa (point addresses)
.fsp (speed profiles)
.ftr (truck information)
.hnr (preprocessed road networks)
.poi (useful places)

System requirement:
IGO 8.3 or later running on Wince
IGO Primo / iGO Nextgen / iGO Avicsync / iGO Navigation running on Android

Folder and file structure, what to copy to
Copy it
iGO / content / ........
map: fbl - Maps
map: hnr - Pre-processed road network - it is important if we are able to use the Full EU map and data file package for long-term, multi-country route planning,
map: ftr - Truck information
map: fpa - Point addresses (if the address is in a place you can't reach by car, you can walk thereā€¦)
map: fsp - Smart route information
building: 3dl - attractions
building: 3dc - (3D buildings)
phoneme> folder: Sampa_UCL phoneme for traditional sounds, LH + phoneme nuance_TTS For Estonian sound >> I don't recommend using any of them because it can cause speech disturbance!


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