Siemens.Simcenter.FloEFD.2020.2.0.v5044.Solid Edge.Win64-SSQ

Simcenter FloefdarkziFloEFD for Solid Edge is an application for modeling the flow and heat transfer in liquids and gases in the Siemens Solid Edge environment. FloEFD is fully integrated into Siemens Solid Edge environment and uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based solvers.

Large set of physical models
Exact solution
Ability to calculate very complex structures and physical phenomena.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and allows you to analyze a wide range of complex problems, including:
• Analysis of hydro-aerodynamics and heat transfer of two - and three-dimensional models
• Analysis of external and internal flow flows
• Analysis of steady and unsteady flow
• Incompressible liquid and compressible gas flow , including including a combustible mixture, at subsonic,

transonic, supersonic and hypersonic flow regimes
• Condensation of water vapor
• Calculation of the relative humidity of air in gas streams
• Flow in non-Newtonian fluids (only laminar flow regime)
• Flow in a compressible fluid (fluid density depends on pressure)
• Flows in real gases
• Laminar analysis , turbulent and unsteady flows
• Analysis of vortex flows and fans
• Analysis of flows with solid inclusions
• Analysis of heat transfer inside and between liquids and solids
• Analysis of heat transfer inside solids in the absence of a washing flow
• Calculation of thermal contact resistance
• Calculation of electrical contact resistance
• Thermoelectric coolers
• Heat transfer by radiation
• Joule heating
• Flows with gravitational effects (also known as the buoyancy effect)
• Porous media
• Heat pipes
• Heat transfer in printed circuit boards
• Heat transfer in perforated plates
• Aerosol flow
• Taking into account the roughness of bodies during
tangential flow • wall movements (mixing and rotation)
• Flow in rotating devices
• Cavitation in liquid flows
• Combustion in gas mixtures

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise 64-bit edition, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise 64- bit (tested with v1809)
For solver: Microsoft Windows 2012 Server x64, Windows 2012 Server R2 x64, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2016 with HPC Pack 2016
Microsoft Office 2013; Microsoft Office 2010; Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.0 or higher
Siemens Solid Edge 2019
Siemens Solid Edge 2020
Siemens Solid Edge 2021
Ethernet network adapter
Mouse or other pointing device
4 GB RAM minimum, more recommended
1 GB of free hard disk space, more required for simulation models


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