FunctionBay.RecurDyn.V9R4.BN9408.2 Multilingual-SSQ

Functionbay Recurdyn4sk7mRecurDyn is a CAE MultiBody Dynamics Simulation (MBD) system for simulating mechanical components and their kinematic characteristics. RecurDyn is based on the Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics (MFBD) core combining Multibody Dynamics solver and Nonlinear Finite Element solver

The multibody system is used to simulate the dynamic behavior of interconnected rigid and elastic bodies, each of which can perform complex translational and rotational movements. Dynamic behavior results from the balance between the applied forces and the rate of change in momentum. The body is generally viewed as a rigid or flexible part of a mechanical system.
Key benefits of RecurDyn
- RecurDyn is a modern CAE software suite that offers a unique combination of Multibody Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis.
- Delivers the dynamic analysis capabilities of virtually any mechanical system and enables the creation of detailed, realistic models for design studies and increased productivity during product manufacturing.

Fixed crowbar for Recurdyn POST
2 all!
For startup problems, check the floating point separator in your regional settings!
There should be a TEC, NOT a COMMA!
If Recurdyn fails to load, check the decimal separator in Regional Settings!
The only acceptable separator is DOT (.), NOT A COMMA (,)!

Year / Release Date: 2020
Version: V9R4 BN9408.2 (build 9.4.32998.0.9408.2)
Developer: FunctionBay Inc.
Bit depth: 64bit
Interface language: Multilingual (no Russian)
Add. Info: For Linux64, developers only provide a solver without GUI


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