Maxwellr3kioYou know light has the power to transform spaces. Use the best rendering engine to experiment with a photorealistic illumination, and feel the warmth of the Californian sunset in your project from your screen. Maxwell for Archicad: the merging point of Real and Virtual.

Comfortable integration
Great renders without effort. Easy but sophisticated integration that does the hard tasks for you.

Automatic or semi-automatic material conversion
This plugin will automatically convert the Archicad materials based on their properties or you can guide the conversion to a particular material type.

Physical sky or image based
Quickly change from the physical sky to an image-based environment.

Create your sun study or fly-through animations easily
Use the Archicad tools to render your sun studies or fly-through animations in Maxwell.

Combability:ARCHICAD 19-24


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Windows, Design, CAD