Pinnacle Studio Ultim1zki3Advanced video editing and screen recording software. Edit freely across unlimited tracks with complete flexibility. Take control of your edits with enhanced keyframing. Access hundreds of creative effects, plus new graphics and overlays. Tap into pro-caliber tools including enhanced Video Masking, Color Grading and new Title Editor.

See what’s new in Pinnacle Studio 24 — our best just got better!
- NEW possibilities with Video Masking
- NEW ability to create custom motion title graphics with the redesigned Title Editor
- NEW overlays and graphics
- ENHANCED keyframing controls to streamline your editing
- & so much more!

Go beyond basic editing with advanced tools
Fully loaded with everything from basic tools to advanced creative features, this Ultimate video editing suite will empower you to create your best videos yet.

- Trim, split, crop, and rotate videos
- Add titles, graphics, and overlays
- Get creative with templates, filters, and effects
- ULTIMATE EXCLUSIVE Explore Seamless Transitions, Paint Effects, Video Masking, Color Grading, and more

Color Grading
Advanced controls like the Tone Curve, HSL Tuning, Color Wheel, and Selective Vectorscope make it easy to independently adjust colors, highlights, midtones, and shadows.

Color Correction
Adjust white balance, correct underexposed scenes, and apply instant corrections.

LUTs & Filters
Instantly apply a filter or cinematic LUT profile to create a specific film effect and alter the overall tone/mood of your scene.

Motion and action video editing tools
- ULTIMATE EXCLUSIVE Censor moving objects with mosaic blur
- Add graphic or text to moving objects with Motion Tracking
- Create fast or slow motion effects with Time Remapping
- Add visual interest with Pan and Zoom and Motion Blur effects

Screen recording and multi-camera editing
- Capture and edit video across multiple cameras
- Record your screen, webcam, and system audio simultaneously
- Create content for a YouTube channel, web series, or vlog
- Record webinars, create tutorials, and produce gaming videos

Record, edit and master your audio
- Fade audio in and out, or mute or detach audio in just a few clicks.
- Record your own narration and voiceover with included recording tools.
- Access royalty-free music and sound effects to take videos to the next level.
- Layer and automatically balance audio for crisp narration with Audio Ducking.


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