Mercedes Xentry XdosrfknyJava Runtime Environment:
OpenJDK Runtime Environment Corretto- (build 1.8.0_232-b09), the same as in 2020.03 version

- Protection from illegal ONLINE usage
- "Login is compulsory as of Release 03/2021" to diagnose any vehicles
- Secure Onboard Communication for W223 (mostly all control units) and W213 facelift (EZS control unit)
- Windows.7 is not supported any more officially like all of x86 systems
- DAS v7.7.3.1, the same as in 2020.03 version
- XENTRY Update Service with protection against illegal systems
- License control for ANY keys
- XENTRY spyware (All of your manipulations with vehicles including VINs, system info. and etc. are being sent to Daimler`s servers)
- 3 not activated bombs in code
- Lifetime limitation depends on AddOns` support ending
- XENTRY Special Setting/Functions algorithm was changed with 2019.12 version
- KIT2 (XENTRY Connect) software is discontinued after 2020.06 version.


Online accounts restrictions from servers` side (we all see it now)
Servers update 12 Oct. 2020 - protection against illegal systems to use online accounts v1.0
Servers update 7 Nov. 2020 - something like trial to check and not complete (legal system with tied up online account) v1.1
Servers update 21 Nov. 2020 - a lot of sanctions for systems and online accounts which are using illegal "most idiotic" way

(Another words. Each legal system has it`s own online account. In the end of this story servers will check this moment in several ways. You will not be able to use online account from another system and on another system.)

In fact it`s possible to bypass everything with one and only the one normal complex way.

PS. A lot of devices were blocked in blacklists with 2020.12 version, not like usual.
PS. from mE. Don`t be ANIMALS, don`t substitute the owners of the original systems.


MUX FW update is not needed from the version 2015.09 to 2020.12


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