Siemens.Solid.Edge.Electrical.Design.2021 Win64-SSQ

Solid Edge Electrical42kjvSolid Edge Electrical Design wiring design software includes two modules: Solid Edge Wiring Design and Solid Edge Harness Design

Solid Edge Wiring Design
This is a schematic editor for designing electrical wiring, creating and checking a wiring diagram. Includes simulation and validation tools such as open circuit or short circuit, voltage drop, overheating caused by errors in conductor cross-sections. Built-in design rule checks allow you to find and correct errors early, thereby ensuring the design is “correct”. A built-in, intelligent library of parts, symbols, and simulation models lets you control the design process. As part of the Solid Edge design software platform, connecting this option allows engineers to dynamically interact with the electrical and mechanical parts of the product using bi-directional data exchange and dynamic updates between them.

Solid Edge Harness Design
One of the best-in-class software solutions for the design and creation of wire and cable layouts required for production drawings. Includes built-in smart library with automatic selection of parts and symbols (terminals, connectors, connectors), tools for validation and preparation of technological reports for manufacturing (BOMs, creating tables of connectors, wires and connectors). You can design harnesses offline or import them from Solid Edge Electrical Design. Solid Edge Wiring Design integration lets you import wires, connectors, and connectors and then transfer wire lengths back. Solid Edge Harness bridges the gap between electro-mechanical design, allowing engineers to quickly and confidently bring new products to market.


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Windows, Design, CAD