Maverick Studio3fj3lMaverick Studio is a GPU-accelerated desktop app where our proprietary simulator of the physics of light is harnessed with intuitive and interactive drag-and-drop tools. Import your 3D models or CAD data files, and render amazing photo-real shots or turntable presentations with the best quality and the least effort imaginable.

Feature Highlights
Rhino-to-Maverick Connection
With our brand new Rhino plug-in you can Send (and Update) your models to Maverick Studio with a single click, preserving the materials, lights, and camera work done in Maverick.

User-friendly workflow
Enjoy our comfortable and user-friendly workflow to illuminate your jewelry models and achieve photo-real results thanks to our gradient lights and our physically-correct materials.

3D Model Importers
Not a Rhino user? Export from your modeling software to any of the many file formats that Maverick can import natively and enjoy dressing your geometry with materials and lighting to achieve photo-real shots effortlessly.

Drag and Drop
Maverick’s ease of use truly shines when it comes to its drag-and-drop capabilities. Dressing your scene is as simple as dropping materials from our library with 2K+ carefully-crafted productviz materials.

UV Maps
Avoid bad-looking seams and time-wasting UV-mapping altogether thanks to our built-in material uvmap system. Select triplanar projection to dissolve the seams, and then adjust the material scale simply by entering its real-world units.

Round Edges
Modeling small bevels on your models is always a complicated task. Thanks to our incredible round edges solution, you will be able to round off any edge and automatically boost the realism of your images with no hassle.

SBSAR Materials
Maverick natively supports Adobe’s proprietary Substance SBSAR technology, which gives you access to a vast selection of ultra-realistic and easy-to-configure parametric materials.

Surface Mode
Easily place contacting objects with the surface mode in our move tool. Objects will follow the shape of the base object.

With our library of ambiences you can easily change the mood of your scene by simply dropping lighting setups we have carefully crafted for product visualization.

Shadow Catcher
With our Shadow Catcher solution you can seamlessly integrate your 3D objects on pre-existing photos or backplates. Our lights even have the ability to illuminate the backplate so you can make perfect photo compositions.

Gradient Lights
A main protagonist in Maverick: Gradient Lights is a powerful system for parametric lights that simulate real illuminants that will give your images an amazing realism boost. Enjoy our library with more than 100 ready-to-use presets.

Gradient Lights, just like any other light created in Maverick can be easily positioned around your objects thanks to our Normalight technology. This tool allows you to create professional lighting setups with precision in no time.

Ambience Composer
Manipulate physical lights easily in our new intuitive panoramic panel.
No HDR painting involved. The Ambience Composer is an orbital positioning tool that deals with real geometry lights, with all their inherent benefits over Image-Based Lighting.

Ambience Composer Save and Reuse
Undoubtedly one of the features most sought-after by our users.
Now you will be able to save your own ambiences to the library and reuse them in any scene within Maverick Studio.

Lightbox is a new type of node meant to be connected to the IBL which creates a fully parametric virtual room.
This node can be used to quickly create a room-like or lightbox-like (a.k.a., softbox) environment. This can be extremely useful not only to ground your object in plausible neutral surroundings, but also to cancel distracting unwanted reflections from your objects.

Trace Sets
Trace Sets allow you to selectively control which objects and lights in the scene are allowed to interact with each other.


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