Altair Flux 2019xqk6sAltair Flux™ 2019 delivers improvements throughout the product with emphasis on design versatility, solving speed and robustness. This has been attained by improving the mesh generator and proposing new meshing options to deal with skin effects. New solving options are also available, implementing new initialization methods for transient simulations, as well as enhanced non-linear solving.

Important at a time when machine efficiency is a concern, new hysteresis modeling capabilities offered by the introduction of Preisach’s model enables better evaluation of iron losses and remanence effects.

More than ever, Flux efficiently deals and solve 3D complex models, and owing to its seamless connection to Altair SimLab™ process -oriented environment, workflows can be easily automated for coupled electromagnetic and vibration analysis.

Altair.Flux.2019.1.1.HotFix.Only.Win64-SSQ included


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