Ansys Scade 2021jtk4uAnsys SCADE is a model-driven development toolkit for security-critical embedded software. By using dedicated software tools and certified code generators, system engineers and developers can avoid coding errors and adhere to stringent certification standards.Tools Ansys SCADE are widely used in all industries from design aircraft control systems or remote control nuclear power plant before the creation of man-machine interface of the car.

Key features of Ansys SCADE Architect:
-System Requirements Analysis
-Advanced Modeler Editor for System Requirements Analysis, Functional Design, Architectural Design and System Components
-System Analysis Using Diagrams: Use Cases, Sequences, Activities, States, Function Blocks,
Internal Blocks and Parametric Diagrams
-Define and Import / export of data streams
-Tabular way of describing data objects, the ability to customize the format of tables
-Support for all standard graphic functions and control of chart styles for visualizing components
-Model navigation and search
-Collaboration support
-Model compliance checking with specified modeling rules
-Reporting in RTF or HTML
-Model splitting and merging, matching different model versions
-Automatic creation of Interface Control Documentation (ICD)
-Bidirectional synchronization between architecture models systems and project models
-Configuring the systems design environment according to industry standards and custom rules
-Exporting elements and requirements to Ansys Twin Builder
-Additional design pattern packages for automotive and avionics and FACE standards

Ansys SCADE Display
Solution for the development of embedded graphics, displays and human-machine interfaces, as well as certified code generation for safety-critical systems.
A versatile graphical design environment for displays and human-machine interfaces (HMI), with the ability to generate certified code for safety-critical systems.

Key features of Ansys SCADE Display:
-Logical design of the human-machine interface
-Manage fonts, textures, transparency
-Widget libraries
-Use of third-party 2D-3D graphics created with OpenGL
-Pre-prototyping and testing using white and black box methods
-Automatic generation of certified code to eliminate coding errors
-Connecting software lifecycle management tools
-Requirements traceability
-Modeling graphical specifications in incremental or continuous mode
-Ability to download, play and record scripts
-Animate graphical specifications
-Verification of compliance of display specifications with design principles and naming rules for elements
-Automatic verification and correction of names and graphics
-Reporting of warnings and errors detected during verification (in text or CSV format)
-Development of test scripts and visualization of expected results
-Automatic comparison actual and expected results based on images
-Integration with Ansys Twin Builder via FMI for multiphysics simulation

Key features of Ansys SCADE LifeCycle:
-Comprehensive requirements traceability analysis
-Test case traceability
-Bidirectional navigation through requirements and tests
-Compliance with DO-178B, DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 and IEC 60880 standards
-Integration with other software lifecycle management tools
-Generation project documentation and reports in RTF or HTML formats
-Configuring the content and display parameters of reports
-Configuring common report templates based on the TCL scripting language
-Support for the SCCI standard
-Storing data in ASCII format


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