Windows 10 AtlasjuklyAtlasOS 20H2 comes with compatibility for more programs and features like Office. This build is perfect if you need both high performance in games and work on your PC.

Atlas - An open and transparent modification of the Windows 10 operating system, designed to optimize performance and latency.

What are the benefits compared to regular windows?

Atlas removes all types of tracking embedded within Windows 10. Though some features cannot be private, such as
- Microsoft Store
- Linked Microsoft Account
- Xbox
- Apps and services not deployed by Atlas
- Secure

Atlas aims to be secure as possible without losing performance by disabling features that can leak information or be exploited.There are exceptions to this such as Spectre and Meltdown. These mitigations are disabled to improve performance. If a security mitigation measure decreases performance, it will be disabled. Below are some features/mitigations that have been changed, if they contain a (P) they are security risks that have been fixed
- Spectre
- Meltdown
- DMA Remapping
- ATMFD Exploit (P)
- Print Nightmare (P)

Below are features that are removed from Atlas that have possible security issues
- Remote Desktop
- NetBIOS (Possible Information Retrieval)
- Debloated

Atlas is heavily stripped, preinstalled apps and other components are removed. Although this can break some compatibility, it significantly reduces ISO and install size. Functionalities such as Windows Defender, are removed. This modification is focused on pure gaming, but most work and education applications work.

Atlas is pre-tweaked. We've done almost everything to squeeze out the most performance, minimize latency and input lag. We've done the following to do this
- Custom Powerplan
- Minimized Services
- Disabled Drivers
- Disabled Devices
- Disabled Power Saving
- Disabled Performance-Hungry Security Mitigations
- Automatically enabled MSI Mode
- Boot Configuration Optimization
- Optimized Process Scheduling

What's New
- Fixed CrashReporterClient error
- Fixed VMWare detection (fixes internet)
- Fixed New XBOX app
- Fixed Forza Horizon 4 & 5
- Fixed Various Store Issues
- Improved Valorant Compatibility
- Lowered Post-Install script time
- Removed Aria2 dependency
- New Scripts: Static IP, DSCP, Display Scaling, Disable (IE, WMP, Eventlog, Task Scheduler), Scoop Installer, GPU Affinity, NVIDIA Force P0 and Display Scaling
- Revised Tweaks
- Added MarkC MouseFix to Optional Tweaks
- Updated NVCleanstall
- Updated Faceit Edition to November Cumulative Update


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