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Easyre Windows 11 Repl1jinEasyRE, a Windows 11 Repair and Recovery Tool offers a reliable way to fix some of the most commonly experienced nagging issues in Windows like the Startup errors, EFI bootloader problems, MBR issues, and Blue screens during Windows boot.

Overview: After the start, EasyRE thoroughly scans all hardware and software components for problems that prevent the start or normal function of your PC. As soon as the problem is detected, it tries to fix it and restore the normal boot process. It also prints out a summary of the repair process and gives the user the option to either return to the main menu or restart the repaired Windows installation.

Repair and recovery steps

Complete diagnostics & repair in 3 easy steps

Download a copy of EasyRE to any PC or Mac, saving it to a CD or USB. We even have video tutorials showing you how!
Start the PC that needs fixing from the EasyRE CD/USB (which will work even if you normally can't start your PC).
Watch as EasyRE scans your PC and displays a list of recovery options. All you have to do is click ‘begin’.
EasyRE automatically searches for problems and fixes them. When it's done, just reboot your PC and you're good to go!


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